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Everyone is trying to throw the perfect party but few people know how to. Parties don't throw themselves and guaranteeing a good one isn't easy. You need your guests to leave raving about the good time they had with their pockets overflowing with memories.

Regardless of whether you’re throwing a Corporate Event, Wedding, Baby Shower, Mitzvah, or a Dirty 30 – we’ll be there! Each reservation comes with a super-rad Hipstr staff member who will be there throughout your party, and will handle all setup and breakdown for you.

Don't worry. Hipstr has you covered for all of your photo booth rental needs.

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Peep the Gear.

Oh and don't worry, our photo booths are modern, sleek, and blends in perfectly with any event's atmosphere. Plus they hold ten people!


Top Notch Equipment

We use only 18MP or Higher DSLR cameras and with our professional printers that will have your photos ready in 7 seconds your guests won't have to wait!


Unlimited Prints

If 10 people walk into the booth, all 10 are welcome to have a print



Don't let your party be forgotten. Guests will have a blast sharing their photos at the social media kiosks.



So we lied. We aren't just a photo booth. We offer HD video as well. We weren't joking about being up to date.



With over 20 backdrops to choose from you're bound to find the perfect one for your event.


Slideshow Projection

Fun for the whole party. With our live Slideshow Projection it doesn't matter if you're in the booth or outside, you feel the energy.



Whether lips on a stick, hats, or bearded ladies, our prop table guarantees unforgettable photos every single time.



Companies have logos, people have names, and weddings have dates. Add whatever you want to prints.



Every image taken during the party is saved. All photos are then compiled and uploaded to the cloud for easy access.



Your guests can leave a photo and write a fun message next to it and the book will be yours at the end of the event.


Hashtag Print Party

Snap a photo with your phone, post it to Instagram or Twitter with your custom hashtag and it will print at the booth!



By being in the action suggesting different poses and prop combinations, our attendants are there to make sure that your guests have a blast!

Question and Answer Time.

This should clear everything up. If it doesn't, click on the "chat" button down there on the right and talk to us personally. We should be able to help you out quickly. You can also email us.

quoteHow long are we there for? For all of our Photo Booth Rentals we book per-event, not per-hour up to 6 hours so if you can hang late, so can we.

quoteWhat areas do we cover? New York including NYC and Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and more….Give us a call for more location details.

quoteHow many people can your photo booth hold? We have two different styles of photo booths. One is an enclosed structure that can hold up to ten people where the other is open with a backdrop which can hold twenty.

quoteHow long does it take to setup? We arrive 2 hours prior to the time we need to be setup by to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

quoteDo you have insurance? Yes! Of course! For all photo booth rentals all of our equipment is covered but our insurance also covers the venue and guests for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in aggregate. In case you have any specific insurance needs please reach out to us and we'll be happy to work with you.

quoteCan I see my photo strip before the event? Absolutely! We give you options: you can select from our list of pre-made photos, have any of them modified or we can make one for you from scratch.

quoteWhen do I need to book my event to make sure that I reserve my date? Your date goes on our calendar once the deposit is paid. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the event. We're New York City's must have photo booth so get on it! We're New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey's must-have photo booth so get on it!


One Ridiculous Price.

Everything is included with Hipstr. No need to budget between features. Your photo booth will come loaded. Your guests will love us. You'll love us. We can't wait.

$397 down plus $897 to finalize

Hipstr Photo Booth
244 5th Avenue, M-292

New York, NY, 10001

(844) 266-5447
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Take Full Advantage Of The Ultimate Experience Whenever You Book Your Corporate Event, Wedding Or Party With Hipstr Photo Booth Rental in Chicago IL.

The photo-booth rental company Hipstr offers a modern and fun-filled experience in New York, New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more. The company will provide you with everything you need to really capture those priceless and special moments. Mitzvah, weddings, birthday parties and corporate events are some of the more popular events you might want to hire a photo booth for, along with any other kind of event where you would like to offer an unforgettable experience.

These photo booths fit in with almost any setting and are quite easy to get set up. The cameras used on the booth are only 18Mp or higher DSLR cameras in combination with high quality professional printers that print out the finest HD quality prints in less than seven seconds. These booths can also accommodate as many as ten people at once quite easily, meaning that your guests and friends won’t need to wait in a long line to have their photos taken.

The booths are available in more than 20 backdrops, meaning you are provided with many different ideas so that you can enjoy an unlimited amount of fun photos of you and your special guests. The photo booth services come with live slideshow projection as well which helps to liven your event up within just a few minutes. In addition, the rental booth service offers props to help make sure that your prints are unique and creative. You can also customize your prints by ensuring that your company logo is featured on every photo. Or for a private function like a birthday party or wedding, you can request that the date and names be displayed on the prints.

A cloud storage service is also offered to you which provides you with instant access to all of the photos that are taken at your event. You will also have the option of creating a scrapbook of your own that includes messages that have been left for you by your guests. Hipstr only uses the most friendly and professional attendants who are all readily available to your guests and you throughout your entire event. The company provides an affordable way to make sure that your next event or party is popular, successful and a night or day they everyone will remember for a very long time.

A Photo Booth Promising A Fun And Exciting Event

Just about every individual dreams and hopes they can host the perfect birthday party or event. Unfortunately many people fail to realize their dreams or don’t know how to pull it off. The truth of the matter is that a party doesn’t throw itself, and throwing a really great one isn’t guaranteed and isn’t easy to pull off. When it comes downs to achieving a great party or event you want all of your guest to leave boasting and raving about the fantastic time they had in addition to having the opportunity to take home their special memories in the special form of photos.

Hipstr is a business that specializes in providing their services for many different kinds of events. Each reservation is always accompanied by very friendly and upbeat staff members who will provide the finest service to every single one one of your guest from the time of set-up, throughout your entire event and even at breakdown.

About Our Equipment And Photo Booths

Each one of Hipstr’s photo booths is sleek and modern and can easily blend into the atmosphere of nearly any event. Also, the spacious booths are able to hold as many as 10 people at once every easily. The photo booths ensure that your event will be social, classy and one everyone remembers for a long time to come. Your close friends, family and guests will have the absolute time of their lives along with the chance to share their photos at some social media kiosks. HD videos is another incredible service that is offered along with more than 20 backdrops for you to choose from to ensure that you find at least one or several that will fit in perfectly with your event.

In addition, the Slideshow Project helps to ensure that whether you are inside the booth or outside of it you can enjoy the fun atmosphere and energy. There is a great variety of different props for you to chose from as well like mustache’s on a stick, lips, different kinds of hats and bearded ladies. All of your guests can use these props to add in a unique and fun way of taking photos. If you are hosting a company or corporate event, you can customize your prints through having your company logo featured on every photo. If it is for your wedding, you can have your prints customized to ensure that you and your spouse’s name and your wedding date appear on the prints.

Another great way to take home wonderful memories from your event would be asking your guests to leave a photo and personalized message in your scrapbook. After your event or party is over you can take the book home to remember your special day forever. You also can use your phone to take a photo and then post it onto Instagram or Twitter in addition to your personal hashtag and it will print out in your rented photo booth.

At your event the attendants are there to assist you to ensure that you get the most from your photo booth rental. They will suggest poses or props as well as combinations of both of them. Our staff are always there to ensure that your event runs smoothly from beginning to end.

The following are a couple of frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand more about the company Hipstr.

How Long Does A Hipstr Rental Last?

With all of Hipstr’s Photo Booth Rental, your booth is booked for the entire event and not on a per hour basis. You can use for your rental for a maximum of 6 hours.

Which Areas Are Covered By Hipstr?

The photo booth rental company covers New York, New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and more. Don’t hesitate to give them a call or send them an email to find out if they service your area.

How Long Does Setting The Photo Booth Up Take?

The rental service arrives 2 on location 2 hours prior to the scheduled start or your event. That is to ensure that everything will be ready in time before your guests begin to arrive at your event.

Is Hipstr Insured?

Hipstr is insured for all photo booth rentals they provide as well as all equipment that is used. This insurance also covers the venue and guests at $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in aggregate.

Can You See The Photo Strip Before Your Event?

Yes. You will be offered a couple of choices. You may either choose from a list of pre-made photos that are on offer already and modify any of them, or you may select a photo strip that is made from scratch.

When Will Your Photo Booth Need To Be Books In Order To Ensure Your Specific Date Is Reserved?

As soon as you make your deposit Hipstr adds the date of your event to their calendar. You will be required to pay the balance 2 weeks prior to the date of your event.


Whenever you book a rental with Hipstr everything gets included in one price. This means you won’t need to cut down or budget for certain features. Everything is included in the photo booth rental, from the equipment and booth to the unlimited shots and props. In order to reserve a photo booth you will need to make a $397 deposit and then a $897 second payment for your booking to be finalized.

The photo booths are loaded with fun and are modern, stylish and full of surprises. The high quality photos and instant prints are just a part of the overall experience you receive when using a photo booth for livening up your office or corporate function, wedding or party. You can always expect to get lots of laughter in addition to wonderful memories that get captured and then shared with your guests and you. Some of the rental’s features include the following:

– A booth attendant who is fun, experienced and talented

– Select the time you want your photo booth to be at your event

– Access to unlimited prints, meaning that every individual who attends you event can take memories home with them

– Instant social media sharing

– The images can be uploaded by your guests and you to your phones

– A personal hashtag can be used to associate it with your event

– Fun, clean and relevant props that can be used by your guests

– Great lighting with an uncluttered and pure white background

Fun And Modern

Hipstr has revolutionized the current standards for photo booths. The company has gone further in terms of offering different features that go well beyond merely a photo booth at can help to ensure that your guests have a great time that will help to make your special event truly stand out and one they will remember for many years.

Hipstr offers just one inclusive package that provides you with all of the different services that they offer including:

– 2 different styles of photo booths to choose from to fit in with your event

– Elegant Enclosed booths that offer a more private feeling for your guests. However, these booths still are able to accommodate as many as 10 people and are available in black and white to seamlessly blend in with your decor.

– The Studio Booth gives guests the feeling that they are attendees at a red carpet event. A 10-foot wide backdrop is included with the booth, which allows for 20 individuals to pose at once.

– The Social Media iPad Kiosks that are offered allow your guests to email or share their photos via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram instantly. This promises to create a fun and instant online buzz of your special event like your wedding day.

– The Photo Slideshow Project is another attraction to this kind of rental that will help keep your guests entertained with all the most recent photos that have been taken that day.

– The VideoBooth option makes your wedding day even more special by allowing your guests to video messages for you to enjoy later after your incredible day is over.

– You can make a Customized Photo Strip Design that includes features like specialized graphics, colors, names, dates, messages and more.

– For events like weddings or important birthdays like a 60th, 50th, 40th or 30th, you can select from different print sizes, including 6x9s, 5x7s, 4x6x and 2x6s.

– Unlimited Prints means all of your guests will be able to enjoy their own personal copy even when 10 people are using the booth at once.

– Hipstr also provides access to a private Online Gallery, meaning you can view all of your photographs and download them at your convenience.

– The rental includes different kinds of props that are all high quality items to help really increase the fun at any kind of event.

– All attendants are experienced and skilled at handling every aspect of the technical process and are also advisers to ensure your guests have plenty of fun while using the photo booth for taking photos.

– The State-Of-The-Art equipment includes 18MP cameras or even higher DSLR cameras, highly professional flash equipment, and the fastest and highest quality printers you will ever encounter, meaning your prints will be ready in 7 seconds or less.


Hipstr Photo Booth
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