Best Philadelphia Photo Booth Rental Company

Bookhipstr – The Best Philadelphia Photo Booth Rental Company

These days it has become very popular to have that extra excitement of a photo booth added to a party (which includes corporate events, school formals, anniversaries, weddings and birthdays). Due to the ever-increasing demand, many Philadelphia photo booth rental businesses are coming up with new innovative features all of the time to attract customers.

Among the wide range of photo booth rentals that you can choose to hire from, there is one company that stands above all of the rest. Bookhipstr offers you just one comprehensive package, with innovative features that other Philadelphia area photo booth hires do not offer. There is no need for you to budget for each separate feature, meaning you have less things to worry about when hiring a photo booth.

So what are some of the top innovative features that available for a photo booth hire? The following are some of the best features offered by Bookhipstr:

– Perfect assistant. It is never easy to guarantee a great party. However, it is always a plus to allow your guests to leave your event with their pockets full of fun memories. No matter what type of party you are having, whether it is a wedding, school formal, corporate event, Mitzvah or baby shower, a professional assistant will be in attendance throughout your entire event, including the setup as well as breakdown.

– Unlimited prints. The enclosed photo booth holds up to ten people inside, which helps to ensure that fun-filled memories are created so that your guests will be raving about their experiences even days after your party is over. The studio booth is able to hold up to twenty individuals at once which allows your visitors to have an unlimited number of poses within an open setting.

When we say unlimited, we really mean that you get unlimited prints. If all ten guests walk into the studio or enclosed booth, all ten are completely welcome to have copies of your wacky and stylish poses.

– Video box. There are other features available to you in addition to photos. Your friends live action goofiness can also be recorded. All your guests need to do is choose between videos, colored printed and black and white prints, and a fun-filled, crazy or goofy memory will be recorded for you and your guests.

– Customized prints. There are options for you to choose from when it comes to prints, including 4×6 photo card, classic 2×6, or even larger 6×9 or 5×7 prints. You designs are customized according to your personal specifications, and graphics can also be easily incorporated if you want to have them added.

There are over twenty backdrops for you to choose from depending on what your event’s theme is.

– Slide Show Projection and Social Media Kiosks. Right after your guests are finished taking their photos, they are able to immediately post them on their social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) or email them using the social media iPad kiosks that are located next to the photo booth. This enables your guests to make updated statuses and enjoy their photos immediately.

There is also a slideshow projection system that is available. This allows your guests to have a ton of fun watching all of the photos that are being taken. It provides your party with an overall fun vibe and creates a great conversation starter.

– Hashtag Printing Feature. Your guests can use their smartphones to take photos with and post them at their Instagram and Twitter accounts using the custom hashtag for your event. The photos that are captured become part of your photo collection and makes it a lot of fun to take photos everywhere at your event in addition to inside the booth.

Of course there is also a wage range of props available to chose from, including classic mustaches, superhero masks, shawls, hats, photo frames and more, to help create a fun-filled and warm atmosphere throughout your event.

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